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  1. My son age 5 years is under the care of Ms. Disha Shah for remediation. He is having symptoms of autism. There are lots of improvement in his speech, language and learning. He is now able to concentrate on the task given to him. He maintains eye contact; hold pencils and crayons. He started writing letters and numbers. We thank Ms. Disha for all the support.

  2. (Mrs. Modi)

  3. Our son age 6 years was studying in grade 1 when Ms. Disha Shah started remediation. Initially my son had difficulty in reading and copying from board. Within few months of sessions my child started showing improvement in reading and behavior. He started taking interest in printed text.  His school teachers are also appreciating him for his improvement in academics.  We are very happy with the progress of our son and sincerely appreciate the effort which Ms. Disha has taken for the development of our child. Her teaching methodology and understanding of the child behavior is worth appreciating.
    We are elated to have her as a guide and mentor for our child and for us too. She has been guiding us from time to time and easing our doubts. We are very thankful to her.
    (Mr. and Mrs. Fernandes)

  4. My son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). We met Ms. Disha Shah in 2010. As soon as she started therapy my son showed drastic progress. His ADHD symptoms had reduced drastically and he started progressing in academics. We thank Ms. Disha Shah for all the help and support.

    (Mr. and Mrs. Joshi)

  5. Ms. Rao the Messiah; when our only son was found to have speech defect and could not talk without stammering effect and our whole world came crashing down. As an angel in disguise we were directed toward Ms. Rao with her magical touch and fantastic therapy our son cured completely. Today when our talk and recite we thank God and pray for Ms. Rao for her timely cure. We thank her and wish her luck so that she can cure many more children with speech concerns and save parents like us from distress.

    (Mr. and Mrs. Jain)

  6. My son who is having a very mild autism spectrum disorder, he comes under spectrum due to few features like repeating the actions or repeating the body movements, lack of socialization, asking for help in the form of action, and lack of attention to the things which are not of his interest. When my son was twelve month old then I noticed and compared with the sibling (my daughter who is two years elder than my son) and found the gap of understanding between my son and daughter at the same age. Though the physical growth of my son was on time like he started scrolling when he was five months old and sitting by his own at the age of eight months and started walking at the age of fourteen months which is almost nearly same as my daughter or slightly a difference of a month. But I found the gap of social understanding and speech both in verbal and non-verbal communications. I also found that my son is not demanding for anything which he likes and he does not have interest in many things. Ms. Rao started with poems and he picked up very nicely that how to deal with my son to get him into verbal communication. She then made use of toys, pictures and multiple drawings and paintings. She first focused on my son to start with single word then two word and then three words and finally with some small sentences. We got success with joint suggestion with Ms. Rao and our own home-work.  She has helped us to understand the needs of my son and to understand the methodology how my son understood the verbal communications. Once my son started with the small sentences we made use of modeling the sentence by non-verbal communications by means our action or by communicating verbally between me and my wife or my daughter. Teaching with my daughter helped a lot as my son was paying attention to the work and communication.  As per suggestions by Ms. Rao we have taken admission of my son in a play group school with a shadow teacher. Play school has helped in decreasing the hyper-ness of my son. My son started mixing with other kids and started following some of the instructions given by the teachers at school. This complete therapy has took approximately 6 to 7 month of time and resulted in a very good and clear speech in my son.
  7. (Mr. Shaikh)


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Ms. Disha Shah is a qualified Child Psychologist and Remedial Educator. read more
“D” stands for Disha and Vruddhi is a Sanskrit word which means rise. The blue color in “D” signifies one of trust, honesty and loyalty. read more
Once referred, you will meet a coordinator who will take note to your concerns and gather information about you, your child, and your family. read more
ADHD: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a behavioral condition that makes focusing on everyday requests and routines challenging. read more