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Boost your brain!

Age : 6 - 8 years
Date : 13th - 17th October` 2014

Build skills with various educational games

  • Visual-perceptual
  • Auditory
    Eye –hand co-ordination
  • Improves memory

Importance of these skills in school & daily living :

  • Ease in coping from board and books
  • Helps in taking dictation and instructions
  • Remembering answers, formulae, etc.
  • These techniques are simple and can be practiced at home too.

Enhancing Language through Drama

  • Communication skill
  • Self Awareness
  • Confidence building

Age: 6-9 years
Date: 13th - 17th October` 2014

Poising oneself

  • Developing empathy
  • Time management
  • Building interpersonal relationship

Age: 8 to 11 years
Date: 13th - 17th October` 2014

Workshop Highlights: Birds & Bees

  • Good touch bad touch
  • Learn to safeguard oneself
  • Learn about the physical and psychological changes during puberty
  • Empowering kids to deal with these changes through hands on activities
  • Growing through this phase in healthy way
Group #A 8 years to 10 years
Group# B 6 years to 8 years


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